Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer Highlights

Our summer days are clipping along at a record pace so I'm just going to take a minute to highlight a few of the moments we've been enjoying.  

1. Snowbirds air show right here in our town!  The pilots of these planes walk a fine line between brave and crazy.  Seriously though. Aviator glasses and jumpsuits.  Makes a girl search for Top Gun on Netflix.

2. Canada Parks Day.  The water bomber plane was open for tours and the pilots were on hand to answer all our questions.  Since the fire fighting season has been slow this summer I asked if they'd be willing to take us for a ride.  The answer was pretty much a big no with an attempt to make us feel better by explaining that sitting in the back of a water bomber is rough, uncomfortable and loud.  We may not  have gotten to go for a ride but this photo made the front page of our local paper!

3. Annual Tie Dye Event. Tie Dying has worked its way into a summer tradition for these girls.  After a couple years of dying shirts we switched it up this year and made some super colorful towels. We always do this outside on the rocks because I have no idea how it could be done inside without serious anxiety attacks for the moms.  Other than some help twisting the elastics, these kid are professionals.

4. Beach Days. Days at the beach are a staple for a healthy summer diet. Sun, sand and water keeps little bodies busy for hours.  This particular beach doesn't have any cell service which means no texts, no posting, and no groups of people catching Pokemon.  Instead there is conversation, book reading, castle building, sand surfing, hand standing and the sound of children calling, "watch me! watch me!"

5. Laughs With Friends.  One of the benefits of living in your home town is that dear friends come back to visit their families and I get to reap the benefit of their visits.  We share the same hometown, we were university roommates a lifetime ago and now we live about three thousand km apart. Any time I get with this girl and her fam is a treasure...

Stay tuned.  There's still more summer to come.

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