Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer Kick Off!

Bonne  Fête Canada!  We participated in the Canada Day parade with our French classmates once again this year.  The sun was shining and the kids had a blast handing out treats along the parade route.  I figure as long as my girls want to participate in this event I'll keep helping out...because really, balloons and paper signs are my talents!

These first days of summer vacation are always the best!  Everyone is riding the high from the end of school celebrations and this mom is in her happy place, looking straight ahead at 67 days of glorious summer days with blank agenda pages.  

Let's start with Main Street days and good friends.

When I was a kid, the fair rides were always set up in the ball field next to where we lived.  I could see the ferris wheel making its rounds from our living room window.  I would watch and listen to the carnival sounds drifting in though our open window and my excitement and anticipation would build and I could hardly wait until someone would take me to the show.  

As an adult I said to my mom, "the fair used to be so much better years ago when I was a kid".  She cleared up my error in judgment basically by saying that the fair rides have never been any different. The only thing that has changed is my perspective.  You would never believe that my girls have been to Disneyland by the their enthusiasm for these rides.  They love them!  It is because of their enthusiasm that I push aside my adult perspective and my concerns over whether or not all the bolts got tightened on these contraptions by the questionable carnies the night before and hop in next to Lexi on the ferris wheel to enjoy the ride.

On the coldest winter days we dream about summer.  We dream about perfect lake days and the warm summer sun on our faces.  And here we are bringing the dreams to life.  With open arms we welcome late nights and lazy jammie mornings, campfires and smores, friends and family, sunscreen and bug spray, barbeques and slushie drinks, coffee on the deck, books for pleasure and all the other good things that summer has to offer.

Summer on people!

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