Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be Strong

It wouldn't be January if I didn't comment about the weather.  The January conversation never really changes.  "Why do we live here?  Don't forget to factor in the windchill.  Did you plug in the truck?  Indoor recess again.  Is it cold enough for you?"  My friends status update boldly claimed "only the strong survive, the rest move to Florida."  I think I may have been a bear in a past life. Hibernation sounds heavenly.

Red fuzzie jammies and wool socks.  My nightly ritual.
But we are strong.  And so are our kids.  Callie's is back on the ski trails and these lessons are never cancelled due to cold weather.  She is more confident this year.  Empowered by the familiar Saturday routine from last winter.  

Once you get over the initial shock the cold air, it's actually quite enjoyable.  I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but it is soooo quiet and peaceful on the forest trails.  Nothing but the swish of skis across the snow and the sound of your breath and beating heart.  

And sister got her first pair of real skis.  Who wouldn't feel confident, powerful and fast in Spiderman skis?

We bought the mega-sized can of hot chocolate to help warm us from the inside out after we get home.

And we have more pictures taken inside, in the evening, with a flash. 
A brief comment about Lexi's style... she likes stripes.  The more the better.  And girl knows how to put on a show!  
Some days she is so weird.  She makes me laugh.

Now I must go and be brave.  Ski trails are calling. No Florida for us this year.  We are strong.

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