Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nothin' Much to Say

I take a lot of pictures.  Sometimes I take a lot of pictures of the same thing and when I'm done I can't decide which one I like best.  So here are a bunch of pictures, each just slightly different from the one before.  Which do you like best?

Last weekend the girls participated in a painting class at the local art centre.  They were VERY proud of their masterpieces.  If you're not sure, they are flowers zoomed up really close.  Callie came home from her art class inspired.  She began making art and sticky-tacking it to her bedroom wall so that it looked just like the walls of the art centre.  Most of the pieces in her gallery are some variation of a traced hand, although she did add a few new, interesting pieces through out the week.  Their art makes me happy.

I am either on or off the exercise wagon and this week I finally climbed back on.  A three month workplace challenge has me back in my runners and sporting a pedometer on my hip to count my steps. It feels sooo great when I exercise... after I'm done of course.  I wish my brain would stop coming up with so many excuses not to do it.   I can announce that this is finally it.  That I will exercise regularly everyday.  I will stay committed and be strong.  But I know I will fall off eventually.  I have come to accept this.  I can only hope that in the end when the exercise gods come to lay judgement on me that I will have been on more than I've been off in my lifetime.

This little project has been all over Pinterest.  I looked into a lot of the pins and the consensus seems to be that it only kinda works sometimes.  I'm going to try it anyway.  I'll let you know how turns out.

Callie has this tribal face painting thing down pat.  She keeps pestering her sister to let her paint her face.  Lexi wants no part of it.  She provides no reason for not wanting to act as Callie's canvas.  She just says no.

 Isn't she scary.

That's all I have for today.
Nothin' much.

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Christine said...

I love the last one of both girls! Although it was a tough call with Lexi... the first one was pretty great too!

Fun pics!