Thursday, January 24, 2013

Smidgens of Growth

Last week Callie taped some paper to the wall creating a makeshift growth chart.  She carefully lined up all her favorite stuffies and emphatically marked a line above their heads.  Each line got a corresponding initial to identify its owner.  Her most favorite thing to measure though, just happens to be her sister.  

She's been measuring Lexi everyday for a week hoping to see some growth.  Any change.  Even the slightest of a smidgen.  Today, she announced in the most defeated of voices, "she didn't grow again."

This week marks my second year blog-aversary.  For two years I've been taking pictures of my girls' adventures.  Watching them grow and writing the stories of their days.  Stories that aren't particularly front-page news or of much interest to anyone beyond my following list of ten.

Sometimes, as I upload another batch of photos of Callie and Lexi doing more of the same... be it skating, skiing, summer beach pictures, going to parks, playing with friends or whatever... I think, "well these don't look much different from yesterday."  Just like Callie's measurements of Lexi, there's not much growth from day to day.  But all those little smidgens, all the small joys and tiny accomplishments, the details of the inbetween days, they add up.  And when the final calculation is done it all adds up to equal our life.

So these may be more photos of the girls skating. But that is what we do on Wednesday nights.  And they may only be a smidgen of a difference from the ones here and here but they miles away from Callie's first time skating, her second time  and even since she started lessons.

Every once in a while I click back to a random posts and look at the photos and see things in them that, at the time, were just part of our day.  Things like Lexi's sippy cup that she loved sitting next to her on the beach or Callie's Dora light that we hardly ever hear anymore.  I don't know what my girls will think about having their life documented by their paparazzi mama when they are grown.   And I'm pretty sure that eventually there will be a time that they will want the lens out of their business and I will have to respect them.  
For now, I will continue because the little things, even the tiniest smidgens, bring me joy.

Cheers to year three!

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