Sunday, January 13, 2013

Spilled Milk

The saying goes don't cry over spilled milk.  When you have kids there is a lot of spilled milk.  Most of it is expected.  Things like their first crayon drawing on the wall or in our case, Callie carving her name into our TV stand with a golf tee.  Or the more standard things like emptying all the shampoo bottles into the bath or little fingers in jars of Vaseline.  Couches get jumped on, walls get gouged, computer keys go missing.  It's all just spilled milk.

I know many of the the high risk situations for spilled milk around our house.  Obviously painting a cardboard castle would be one of these times.  The paint on Callie' knee was only the beginning of the smears and spills that were wiped up during this project but the paint was washable or so I thought.  Painting, baking, crafting, snacks in the living room, bringing anything new into the house...all highly suspect for at least a few drops of milk.

Just before Christmas Lexi was in desperate need of a haircut, just a little trim on her bangs so that we could see her sweet face.  One Saturday, with no appointment, I walked her into three different hair shops hoping a stylist could spare the thirty seconds it would take her to cut a three year old's bangs.  But we were out of luck and we would have to make an appointment later in the week.

I was told by many to just do it myself.  How difficult can it be to cut a straight line above the eyebrow?  I chose not do it myself because I didn't want my girls to think that we cut our hair at home.  Only trained professionals with expensive scissors and protective smocks should be cutting our hair.

Hmm.  Anything suspicious about that pony tail on the right?
After cleaning up not so washable paint, assembling the masterpiece of a castle, and taking some photos of the girls in their new cardboard playhouse I stumbled upon some spilled milk...a pile of Lexi's hair.  At first I didn't realized what it was.  I picked it up and declared, "what is this?"  And in an instant I knew because Lexi's tears came spilling out and she hugged me sobbing, "I sorry mom, I sorry."  My mind was reminding me, "it's only hair," but my heart was scared to look at the damage.  

Like any good makeover, we have a grand reveal.

Hair ponies, before...

And after...

She managed to take a little off the top and a lot off the back.  Oh well. Famous words after any bad haircut, "It will grow back."  Just like the first scratches across our  new TV screen or the stains on the carpet,  it stings a little at first but there's no use crying over spilled milk.

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