Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This week the r-word has been tossed into nearly every conversation.  We have been out of it and now it's time to get back in it.  There is comfort in routine.  Always knowing what comes next and when and where we are to be at any given time. But the absence of routine is freedom. And before we jumped back into the pool of routine we celebrated the last days of holiday freedom with our peeps. 

Skating lessons are part of our routine but skating outside under the darkening, evening sky on the vast open space of this same lake with the greatest friends, is as close to freedom as it gets.

Never would you find a bonfire on the lake, sittin' and chill-axing, sippin' hoco choco with your buds past your bedtime on a routine Wednesday.  I like when routine gets lost to these memory making moments.

It's not just the kids who had a great time out of routine but us grown-ups had our fair share of laughs.  There were so many funny things I could tell about... like how all our heads turned at the first sight of the bonfire, immediately feeling the need to account for all children; or I could mention our new business venture involving pallet sales;  or about my painful eating injury... I could try to tell each of the deep, belly laughing stories but I know they won't sound funny anymore. Sometimes you just can't recount the times you have with good friends because the words have no meaning outside of the friendship and you end up saying things like..."believe me, it was really funny...the flames went really high... and... ya, well...  I guess you had to be there."

Cheers to my ladies.  I love this picture.  These are genuine, relaxed, free from routine smiles!
(And it's cropped from ear to ear....ya, guess you had to be there.)

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Christine said...

I laughed as I read and recalled these stories! Glad I was there!!!!!! I see no one is advertising our business venture just yet!